The AOS Platform: Coaching Education – Student-Athlete College Recruitment Coaching

AOS is short for Athlete of Significance. AOS is a mindset that an athlete’s true value to the team extends beyond the X’s and O’s, beyond physical attributes and beyond winning. Learning this mindset and knowing how to use it will differentiate you, propelling you to the top of the list for a spot on the team roster at your college of choice.

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For Athletes

AOS is for the athlete who desires to discover how to prepare to be recruited and take their performance to the next level in their sport.

* Comprehensive College Recruiting Tools and Education

* Live Monthly College Coach Roundtables

* Scholarship Tuition Rewards With More Than 300 Colleges and Universities

For Coaches

AOS is for Coaches who desire access to resources to coach their teams beyond the X’s and O’s. Just as an athlete’s performance improves with coaching, coaches also need a coach.

* Customized Leadership Development

* Unique Team Building Programs

* Mentorship From Industry Leaders and Coaches

For Administrators

AOS is for the Administrators who wish to empower their coaches and athletes with the tools needed to achieve real significance on and off the field.

* Recruiting Seminars for High School Student Athletes

* Coaches and Staff Assessments and Training

* Cost effective Virtual Programs

Courses For Athletes

The AOS Student-Athlete Recruiting Platform rethinks the recruiting process by coming alongside you through four modules. Each module builds upon one another to guide you through a comprehensive and enhanced process of developing the highly desired leadership skills sought after by college coaches all while uncovering the path to the perfect college experience.

Courses For Coaches and Administrators

The AOS Coaching Education Platform provides coaches with the knowledge and tools to develop championship programs that go beyond the X’s and O’s. Take an extensive deep dive to developing Athletes of Significance with virtual training on leadership, personality assessments, and team development.


Mentors matter, a mentor expands your vision and they help you see farther and stretch your horizons. They help you see more by uncovering your blind spots, where real opportunities lie. The AOS mentors for Athletes will walk with you through the recruiting process, help you understand your performance and enhance your communication.

The AOS mentors for Coaches are accountability partners who can collaborate with you and offer additional insight designed to enhance all aspects of your program, including effective leadership and team building.

Though live and archived webinars, you will have access to leadership and mindset experts, fitness and strength instructors, and college coaches to mentor you on your journey to become an Athlete of Significance.

College Fit Finder

College Fit Finder is a tool that provides players with a competitive advantage over a typical student-athlete navigating the recruiting process. This comprehensive system allows for individuals to take ownership of their future by equipping them with tools necessary to find a home at the college level. We look forward to facilitating the recruiting efforts of every family looking to be Significant at the next level.

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